MarcoDaniel's about

In case you haven't noticed my name is Marco Daniel Martins and I like to build stuff, mostly websites. I am a software engineer with a passion for trying out different tools and to solve problems.

Why does this website exist?

This website exists, so I can try out some of my favorite technologies, write some notes about it and at the same time improve my writing skillz.

What this website is:

  • a fun and entertaining journey
  • a place to document things that I like
  • a super opinionated point of view

What this website is not:

  • top X things you should know about
  • tool X is better than Y
  • you should do this instead of that

That said, this website will focus a lot on technologies that makes me happy, and I hope that you will have fun reading it.

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If you find a mistake, think I should not write something I did or believe I am super correct about everything - you can contact me on any of my social medias (links are probably in the footer) or just chat with me over a cup of coffee (or whatever you fancy).

I purposely decided not to have a feedback (comment/reaction) section on this website as we don't want this website to become super popular and then things get out of hand easily. Or maybe that's just too complex to implement and maintain.

What's in it for me?

Okay, so you write this amazing super cool stuff and share it for free?

Yes! I do not plan to gain anything extra with any content I will end up writing and providing here. The only thing I hope to "gain" is to reach others and inspire them to do the same, share what you know and what makes you happy.

Also, all the source code for this website is public. Go ahead, and check it out on github.


Own opinion

Usually people say "my opinions are my own", but what exact does that mean?

Aren't opinions just a bunch of ideas that each one of us forms in their head about a specific subject based on their surroundings that will inevitably change over time given the right learnings and circumstance?

If so, can my opinions really be my own? Did your opinion about "own opinions" just change from reading this opinion?

Anyway, all the opinions, grammar miskates, coding errors and views on this website are mine and my selfish ego only.